How to create action plan for B2B Content Marketing

Just having well written content is not enough. You must learn how to create action plan for B2B content marketing to execute it well so that you get maximum return on investment. Most business owners don’t do this. In the previous post we discussed why content marketing matter? In this post we are going to learn more about content marketing and how to create a B2B content marketing plan easily.

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic way to attract, engage and generate more website visitors.This content is generated in the form blogs, case-studies, videos, E-books, podcasts and much more.

Content Marketing is still the most affordable yet most effective way of lead generation most businesses assume the audience wants to know about their product or services, depending on the kind of business they have. And they just market content without having a plan. 

Knowing the why

Content marketing is planned to meet a particular goal. Knowing your ‘why’ helps in deciding your ‘who’

What is your target market?

I know this question is done to death now but one of the most important questions every business owner should ask before going ahead with content marketing. A simple example of this can be creating buyer persona. A buyer persona helps understand the customer in details.

Buyer persona depends on various parameters that include

  • Demographics – Includes age, level of education
  • Business Industry which will suit your product category
  • Designation – The position your key decision maker holds in the organisation
  • Goals – What your target department/organisation is planning to achieve
  • Tools – What communication tools are preferred by your target customer

Now that your ‘who’ is clear move on to the ‘what’ you are going to say to your customers. Because knowing the 3 W’s is not the end of the story. The next steps include ‘how’ to deliver the content and ‘when’ to deliver it.

Here the content plan helps in deciding your when

Learn to sell the story

Many will argue that this may not work in B2B segment well enough as it works in B2C. An important aspect that differentiates story telling is the fact that B2C market is more emotionally triggered. Whereas in B2B you need to give as much value as possible. If you give enough value your chances of closing the deal rise multi-fold.

How are you communicating

You need to choose the right mode of communications for your business. It can be a blog a video content or an E-book or a research paper on your potential clients business.

If you are in a health and fitness niche then at the time of collaboration with fitness centers include video content as a part of your services. It will help you and the fitness center for generating more clientele.

Also include case studies of your previous work, make the businesses understand how you helped other businesses grow through your services.

Have a schedule

Many business owners know how to create great content but they falter on schedule. One cannot publish all content at once, there has to be a schedule when a particular piece of content should go out.

Good user experience

Solving customer problems is of utmost importance for businesses, you must know how to differentiate your product from your competitor.

Very good example of creating great user experience can be apple’s products. The success of Apple’s iPhone lies not just in it’s features but the great user experience they give to its customers.

Collaboration matters

When you collaborate with a business you create market not just for your product but that of your collaborator also.

One of my friend who is dentist by profession has taken an initiative to help her fellow dentists. If you happen to be a dentist you must contact Doctor Dental for collaboration on digital marketing services.

Generating organic traffic for your content is long term process but that doesn’t mean you should not promote it.

You should start using social media, email marketing, SEO as they are all essential to the success of your content marketing plan.

There are more ways to promote your B2B content one of them is paid ads.

B2B marketers focus mostly on LinkedIn when someone says paid ads but you are missing out on one of the best paid ad platform, that is Facebook Ads.

No you will not waste your money because Facebook still rocks when it comes to topics such as demand generation to logistics. Contently,one of the best content marketing websites has explained it wonderfully in the illustration below.

Action Plan for B2B Content Marketing

Focus on creating long form content

Long-form content helps you define and express your chosen niche cause the theme is based on a big-picture view of “why” you’re creating content.

For example, if you’re in the Digital Marketing industry and your content theme is focused on delivering a marketing solution that supports genuine human interactions in the face of digital transformation, then you can consider writing a white paper, e-book and video script.

You can also write a piece of content that might showcase several digital marketing solutions coming in the foreseeable future, including how to ensure the human element is taken into consideration when those solutions are implemented. Include testimonials from your previous clients who had fulfilling experiences with your business solutions.

Contrary t the beliefs long form content generates more traffic in the long term. Dig in and deliver informational and educational B2B content that resonates with your prospective client’s needs and drives action oriented results. You can check example of long from content here.

Position yourself as a leader with a long term vision, making thoughtful business associations. Content Marketing is at the center of integrated digital marketing. You can learn more about Integrated digital marketing from Digital Deepak.


There are many points that still need to be covered for B2B content marketing. Re-purposing of your old content is one such important factor that adds to success of your B2B content marketing plan.

Remember this If you are a business, you must focus on B2B content marketing as much as you do for B2C content marketing.

Thank you for reading this article, let us know your feedback in the comments section.

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